Cover Reveal: The Legend by Dylan Allen

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Remington Wilde had heartbreak written all over him.

The Legend, an all-new steamy, second-chance romance standalone from Dylan Allen is coming February 25th, and we have the brand new cover!


Remington Wilde had heartbreak written all over him.

He was the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen.

When I looked into his midnight eyes,

I saw a happy ending I’d never dared to dream of.

I was seventeen the first time he asked for my heart,

I didn’t hesitate to hand it over.

In exchange, he gave me the best summer of my life.

He was my first everything.

Falling in love felt written in the stars…

But,our legend, it turns out, was all a lie.

And when our story ended, all I had was a broken heart.

Now, he wants a second chance.

But this time, I’ve got more to lose than just my heart.

When the lies that pulled us apart, threaten again,

it will take more than sweet words from his sinful mouth to convince me.

He says the love of a lifetime deserves a million chances,

But am I strong enough to fall again?

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Cover Designed by: Lori Jackson Designs

About Dylan Allen

Dylan Allen is a Texas girl with a serious case of wanderlust.

A self-proclaimed happily ever junkie, she loves creating stories where her characters chase their own happy endings.

When she isn’t writing or reading, eating or cooking, she and her family are planning their next adventure.

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Cover Reveal: Breathing Wisteria by Amali Rose + Giveaway



Title: Breathing Wisteria

Series: Fleurs d’amour #4

Author: Amali Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult

Cover Design: Judi Perkins,

Concierge Literary Designs & Photography

Release Date: March 8, 2019
True love can kiss Wyatt Monroe’s ass.
Life turned her into a realist years ago when she lost
everything she truly loved.
Wyatt knows there is no happily ever after for her. No white
knight coming to her rescue and that’s perfectly fine. She is more than capable
of saving herself.
Enter Flynn Maguire. He’s been running from his demons for a
decade, hiding in plain sight and determined to forget. No longer able to live
the lie, he hunts down the woman he destroyed in a misguided effort to save
Wyatt is determined never to repeat the past. Flynn is
determined to reclaim the life that should have been his. But determination
will only get you so far, and when the glare of public opinion viciously shines
on their past, they can either stand united or fall divided.


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Ten Years Earlier
My nostrils twitch as the subtle acrid smell hits them and a
sliver of unease curls itself around my consciousness.
The club is crowded, and I’m jostled carelessly between a
sea of sweaty bodies. My hand instinctively finds my belly and I internally
curse Flynn for convincing me to come tonight.
I crane my neck, searching for the source of the putrid
smell, but I can barely see past the people surrounding me. Their clammy skin
pressing against my own combined with their loud voices ringing in my ear, the
atmosphere practically suffocates me.
My breathing begins to quicken. Short, shallow breaths that
I have to fight to get into my lungs, heighten my anxiety and the mild
apprehension I was feeling morphs quickly into full-blown dread that thrashes
violently through my veins.
Closing my eyes, I try to block out the crowd around me and
concentrate on Flynn’s voice, which floats above the cheers and catcalls. My
vision is blocked from my position over here, along the side of the room where
I, wrongly, assumed I could avoid the crush of the congested dance floor.
That’s when it happens.
With my eyes squeezed shut, one hand pressed against my
hammering chest and the other curled protectively over my stomach. My brain
shuts down, focusing only on the voice of the man I love, singing the song he
wrote about us. About cherry Chapstick and cheap beer.
The moment my life was forever changed.
One word screamed.
Hundreds of bodies pushing, fighting each other, chased by
the cruel heat and wicked burn.
I’m shoved forcefully up against the wall as people lose all
sense of decency in their own fight for safety. My eyes flicker to my left and
I see the orange flames dancing with the plumes of black smoke above the stage.
My heart sinks and I unconsciously begin fighting against the crowd. Sweat
prickles along every inch of my skin and I fight every instinct in me as I try
to make my way toward Flynn.
A tall guy stops right in front of me, his face is panicked,
and I can see a fear in his eyes that I know is echoed in my own. He bends down
and grabs my shoulders, his fingertips digging in painfully. “Go the other
way!” he screams in my face, his spit coating me. Shaking my head, I push past
him and hear him mutter, “Stupid bitch.”
The pungent smoke has filled the room and as my lungs
struggle to cope, screaming for fresh air, I become disoriented. I spin around,
my eyes burning while I attempt to gather my wits. But when a stray elbow
connects with my already aching temple, I lose my balance, falling to the
ground. And in a moment that I know will forever be imprinted on me, amidst the
cacophony of terrified screams, flailing bodies, and heart-wrenching terror, I
lose everything that I love.
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Author Bio
Amali Rose is an Australian author, and former blogger, who
released her debut novella in 2017.
A self confessed bookworm, her love affair with the written word began as a
child, with The Magic Faraway Tree. Her tastes have grown and evolved
over the years, and after stumbling into the indie community a few years ago,
she discovered her passion for romance with a side of smut.

When not reading or writing Amali enjoys baking, yoga, cheesy pop music &
netflix marathons; and believes strongly that pink, puppies and chocolate make
the world a better place!


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Cover Reveal: Baking With a Rock Star by Jasmin Miller + Giveaway



Title: Baking with a Rockstar

Series: Brooksville #1

Author: Jasmin Miller
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance

Cover Design: Alyssa Garcia, Uplifting Designs

Release Date: February 28, 2019


When a rock star and a single mom become roommates, delicious sparks are
bound to fly.
Rock star Hudson Mitchell is over the glitz and
spotlight of the music industry. Desperate for a break from the fast-paced life
of fame, he retreats to the one place that has always been home.
Brooksville, California.

It’s the same place where Charlie has taken refuge, trying to build a life for
herself and her young daughter. The quiet, small-town atmosphere and her new
bakery venture are exactly what she needs to pick up the pieces of her
shattered past.

As they spend more time together, neither of them is prepared for the effect Charlie has on Hudson, and how important she would become for his career.


“Charlie, where do you want me next?” Hudson’s voice sounds from behind me, making me jump. The hairs on the back of my neck rise at the sound of his rich voice—the deep timbre almost echoing across the room—as I spin around to face him.
“Gosh, Hudson, can you please stop sneaking up on me like that?”
I slap his shoulder lightly, leaving a nice flour mark on his black T-shirt.
Good. Serves him right.
Today is our second day together at “work,” and I still have to get used to him being
around. Thankfully, I barely saw him yesterday, since he was helping one of the
contractors fix a few things outside the building while I hid in my office, hunched over a pile of papers to make sure everything’s going according to plan. I wonder if Hudson stayed away from me on purpose, giving me some time to get used to him. I’m almost certain he knows how easily some people get overwhelmed by his presence. 
He grimaces, but the mischief is clearly displayed in the way his eyes sparkle.
“Sorry, I didn’t  mean to, but you were so absorbed in your work. There could be a meteor coming your way, and you wouldn’t know it until it hit you.”
Well, he’s got me there. When I focus on something, it’s easy for me to zone out. “Very funny.” I glare at him playfully and study him for a moment, taking him in, from his black T-shirt all the way to his dark gray jeans that are paired with black boots. His whole outfit is covered in dust, dirt, and a few specks of paint. He looks every bit
the busy worker bee he’s been, and since I’m not blind—and my hormones
practically demand it—I have to admit, he couldn’t look sexier.
Early Praise
“This story was fun and an easy read with fun-loving characters. I instantly fell in love with Hudson and the immediate bond he had with Mira. The love story between Hudson and Charlie is beautiful and just about proves that good things happen to good people.” – Drippin_inmelanin, Goodreads
“Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, this was so cute. If you’re looking for something light to read on a lazy afternoon, this is pretty perfect. It’s just a really
great “make-you-feel-good” kind of book.” – Dylan, Goodreads
“The story was unexpected, cheerful, heartbreaking, and made me feel all things at once!” – Kendra, Goodreads
Author Bio
Jasmin Miller is a professional lover of books and cake (preferably together) as well as a fangirl extraordinaire. She loves to read and write kissing books and never
misses a chance to swoon over characters. Originally from Germany, she now
lives in the western US with her husband and three little humans that keep her
busy day and night.
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Have you read Charming as Puck yet?

Read my review here, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


Title: Charming as Puck
Author: Pippa Grant
Genre: Sexy Romantic Comedy

 Release Date: February 1, 2019



The man could charm the panties off of a nun…Nick Murphy. Hockey god. My best friend’s big brother. My friend-with-mindblowing-benefits.
The best thing to happen to my nether regions since my subscription to the toy
of the month club. The man I’ve been secretly in love with for years.

And total ass.

I am so done with him.

Except there’s one small problem.

Now that I’ve cut him off, his hockey game is in the toilet. He’s convinced I’m
his good luck charm, and he wants me back. But only for his game.

I’ll be strong. I will. I’ll resist.

Asses don’t change their stripes.

Or do they?

This plan would be so easy if the man wasn’t Charming as Puck…

Charming as Puck is a romping fun romance between a hockey player and
his sister’s best friend, complete with farm animals, over the top birthday
presents, and Berger Twin sightings. This romantic comedy stands alone with no
cheating or cliffhangers and ends with a pucking awesome happily ever




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Author Bio
Pippa Grant is a stay-at-home mom and housewife who loves to
escape into sexy, funny stories way more than she likes perpetually cleaning
toothpaste out of sinks and off toilet handles. When she’s not reading,
writing, sleeping, or trying to prepare her adorable demon spawn to be
productive members of society, she’s fantasizing about chocolate chip cookies.

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