The Aussie Next Door by Stefanie London

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The Aussie Next Door by Stefanie London

Release Date: August 27, 2019

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The Aussie Next Door, an all-new standalone romantic comedy by USA Today Bestselling author Stefanie London.

American Angie Donovan has never wanted much. When you grow up getting bounced from foster home to foster home, you learn not to become attached to anything, anyone, or any place. But it only took her two days to fall in love with Australia. With her visa clock ticking, surely she can fall in love with an Australian—and get hitched—in two months. Especially if he’s as hot and funny as her next-door neighbor…

Jace Walters has never wanted much––except a bathroom he didn’t have to share. The last cookie all to himself. And solitude. But when you grow up in a family of seven, you can kiss those things goodbye. He’s finally living alone and working on his syndicated comic strip in privacy. Sure, his American neighbor is distractingly sexy and annoyingly nosy, but she’ll be gone in a few months…

Except now she’s determined to find her perfect match by checking out every eligible male in the town, and her choices are even more distracting. So why does it suddenly feel like he—and his obnoxious tight-knit family, and even these two wayward dogs—could be exactly what she needs?

My review:

This one was pretty good. I found myself getting frustrated with the characters, but how they frustrated me did fit with their backgrounds and personalities. Both Jace and Angie have a lot of baggage that influences their behaviours. One big difference between this and other romance novels, though, is that Jace is autistic. He has a large, supportive family and a successful career as a cartoonist. Angie had a traumatic childhood and then exploited by someone who was supposed to protect her. She is making a new life in Austrailia, and has found the community she’s always yearned for.

While this was a decent book, it didn’t blow me away. I did, however, love Angie’s group of ladies at the assisted living facility where she volunteers, and Jace’s family is amazing.

Rating: ♥♥♥ 1/2

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Judging by the way Angie was talking to Elijah, smiling sweetly and toying with the end of her ponytail, she was definitely “vibing,” as Chloe put it. An ugly, foreign feeling surged up inside Jace that made him feel the exact same way as when he’d watched his brother flirting with her.

Turn around and walk away. It’s none of your damn business.

But before Jace fully thought through the consequences of his actions, he was crossing the road with Truffle leading the way. As soon as the little white dog caught sight of Angie, his tail started going a million miles a minute.

Stop. You’re not going to get involved. Don’t be a hypocrite. Other people in this town meddle and you hate it.

It was true. He came from a family of meddlers, and it drove him nuts. But maybe there was some meddling-specific chromosome that had been passed on from his parents without his knowledge, remaining dormant all this time and waiting for the right moment to strike.

“Jace.” Angie looked at him with wide eyes, almost like she was a kid with her hand stuck in the cookie jar.

“I was taking Truffle for a walk.” He raked a hand through his hair like he was totally relaxed and going about his day. The truth was, he had no bloody idea what he was doing. “How was yoga?”

“Awesome.” For some reason, Angie’s voice seemed an octave or two higher than normal. “Super great, actually. Excellent.”

Hmm. Three ways of saying the same thing. She did that whenever she was nervous.

“Are you into yoga?” Jace asked Elijah.

“Yeah, man. With all the firewood I have to chop for the pizza oven, my back gets real tight.”

Jace resisted the urge to roll his eyes. How did he manage to say shit like that without coming off like a total douchecanoe?

“But I could always use some tutoring.” Elijah shot Angie a flirty look, and her cheeks turned the prettiest shade of pink. “Any opportunity to expand my skills.”

“I’m sure Chloe could help with that,” Jace said stiffly.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Truffle sniffing around Elijah’s leg. He’d done the same thing to the coffee table earlier that morning—inspecting his target. Jace really should put a stop to it…

“I wasn’t talking about Chloe,” Elijah said, his eyes still trained on Angie.

Angie laughed and gingerly stuck her hand in the air. “I volunteer as tribute.”

Jace forgot the dog and stared at her hard. Was this one of those gray-area things he’d never understand, or did Angie really like this guy? He had no freaking clue.

Just then, Truffle jumped up on his hind legs, hooking his front paws around Elijah’s calf. His hips started to hinge back and forth, and Elijah glanced down, a what the hell do I do now expression on his face as he and Angie looked down at Sir Hump-a-Lot.

“What the hell?” Elijah stumbled back, and Truffle dropped down to the ground, looking mightily miffed that his sexy times were interrupted.

“Truffle!” Angie snort-laughed. “So inappropriate.”

“It’s a dominance thing,” Jace said to Elijah. “He tends to do that whenever he thinks he can overpower someone.”

Angie shot Jace a raised brow, but she squatted to give the dog a scratch behind the ears before he could figure out exactly what she was thinking. Was the comment too much? He’d blurted it out without thinking, and Elijah seemed off his game now.

About Stefanie:

USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance with humour, heat and heart. Also llamas.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia Stefanie now lives in Toronto, Canada with her wonderful husband. She loves to read, collect lipsticks, watch zombie movies, and drink coffee.

Her bestselling book, Pretend It’s Love, is a 2016 Romantic Book of the Year finalist with the Romance Writers of Australia.

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Forget the Stars by Kelsey Kingsley

Title: Forget the Stars
Author: Kelsey Kingsley
Genre: Friends-to-lover/2nd Chance Romance
Release Date: August 26, 2019
Cover Design: Danny Manzella


“From August 26 to September 26, 2019, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.”

“If you want a book with eternally endearing and relatable characters, a heartfelt, captivating, poignant storyline, and one that has the potential to compassionately enlighten the reader, ponder it no more and get your copy of this one today.” – BookAddict


“I can’t forget the stars when I have to give this book all the stars! Seriously. All the stars in the universe. I can’t even begin to tell you how special Forget The Stars is. I just want to go around to everyone I know yelling “READ THIS BOOK!”” – Red Hatter Book Blog

Guitarist Chad Wilcox’s life isn’t going according to plan. 
At thirty, he never thought he’d still be unmarried and living with his parents. And with the added stress of his poor health, he’s convinced the only thing within his control is the success he’s found as a rockstar.
After reconnecting with his childhood best friend, Chad sets into motion a new plan to regain control over his happiness, and things start looking up. But when he finds himself diagnosed with a potentially debilitating chronic illness, he begins to wonder…
Is this as good as it’s going to get? Or is it at all possible for a guy like him to get everything he’s ever wished for?

My review:

Chad and Molly were best friends from birth, until they weren’t any more. Then nearly two decades later they reconnect in a beautiful way.
This isn’t your typical rock star romance. Chad has a good bit of fame, but he isn’t a household name. He isn’t the leader of the group like most novels in the genre. He is also dealing with a serious health issue. Molly found herself in the years they were apart, growing from the tormented girl who would hide behind her protective best friend to a confident yogi who sings and plays guitar at a local bar three nights a week. Turning 30 just a few months apart, they are both at  crossroads in their lives.
I did really enjoy this book. The moms are adorably meddling, but also we get to see the various reactions to Chad’s diagnosis. This book also addresses how things go viral – both good things and bad things – and is quite thought provoking. Chad and Molly, when they are finally together, are perfection and have a connection that comes from already knowing each other as well as they know themselves. And Chad’s bandmates – Sebastian cracked me up! I haven’t read any of the other band members’ books but now I feel the need to go read them to get more of those characters.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥




“What’s that look for?” she asked with a giggle, as she reached around to secure her bra.
I shook my head as a smile stretched over my lips. “Nothin’. Just …” I swallowed at the warmth crowding my heart and my lungs. “You’re my best friend.”
She tugged a tank top on and sighed, her exhale lingering in the air. “You’re mine.”
Mine. The word was simple and yet held the world. It was an agreement, it was possession. It was an invisible contract that lingered between us, and I would’ve gladly used my own blood to sign on the dotted line.
But instead of pricking a finger and sealing the deal, I simply nodded, as only two words left my mouth.
“I’m yours.”




Kelsey Kingsley is an author of eight, almost nine, novels. She lives in New York with her family and a cat named Ethel. She loves tattoos, music, makeup, and Frasier reruns. Kelsey is a Slytherin. She curses a lot, and she fucking hates cheese.


Tactical Heart by SK Rose

Title: Tactical Heart
Author: S.K. Rose
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: August 22, 2019
My name is Scarlett Mavis. I have a sweet tooth, no filters, and video games are my life.
Let me clarify that last part: They’re not a hobby; they’re not a way to kill the time; They. Are. My. LIFE.
Where family, men, and humans, in general, have failed me, video games are always there waiting for me to return to their warm and accepting embrace.
In real life I may be a heartbroken geek, but put a controller in my hands and I become an indestructible warrior.
What else does a girl really need?
Enter player two, Kane Decker.
Handsome, nerdy, incredible kisser, and just my type. Our first date was perfect in every way.
Then, like always, reality came crashing down with one simple truth. 
He wasn’t my teammate; he was the enemy. And there’s nothing I’m better at than taking out a rival player.
But this isn’t a game, and the stakes are all too real.
For the first time in my life, I may have met my match.
Game on.

My review:

This book, guys.

This book is incredible. Scarlett is a gamer girl – and she is phenomenal. She has skills that few gamers do. Kane is also a skilled gamer. Neither of them have had much dating luck, since not many people get gaming or accept it.

I loved so much about this book. As someone who is very familiar with this lifestyle, I really enjoyed reading about “my people.” And there are so many amazing lines. I even took a screenshot of one, where Scarlett is talking about her online best friend since middle school, and sent it to a friend:

People always say online friends aren’t “real friends” but that’s a crock of shit. We’ve never physically met, but we talk every week, and he’s always been there for me when I needed him. If that’s not a “real friend” then I’ll just have to stick with my fake ones.

Someone *gets* it!
But anyway, this story is full of sassy, competitive gamers, amazing friends, kickass family game night, and an intense gaming competition, and it even includes a glossary of gaming terms so you don’t even have to be into gaming to understand this book. Scarlett and Kane have an incredible push-pull relationship throughout the entire thing. Their chemistry is off the charts but so is their online animosity, which makes for some interesting interactions.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


Red Hatter Book Blog – “OMG. TATICAL HEART IS AMAZING! I laughed so hard throughout this entire story.”


Cali Gals – “WTH?! I am dying here. This book is SO FLIPPING GOOD!”


Naughty Librarian Blog – “S.K. Rose hit it out the fucking park with her first ROMCOM”

S.K. Rose lives in the hellish desert of Arizona with her newly appointed husband and two obnoxious cats. When she’s not writing, Rose enjoys reading, gaming, swearing like a drunk sailor, collecting swords, and obsessing over the magnificent sea creature: the octopus. Remember the Reaper is her debut series with many more to come.


Checked by Jacob Chance

Title: Checked 
Series: Boston Terriers Hockey
Author: Jacob Chance
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: August 23, 2019
They call him ‘Wilde Man’. Rumor has it he’s an animal on the ice and between the sheets.
Like the rest of the female population, I’ve been crushing on Clancy Wilde, the captain of Boston University’s hockey team, since the first time I saw him. Big, blond, and charming, he ticks all the boxes. 
When we find ourselves at a wedding, drunk and flirting, I know I can finally check this tattooed, bad boy, hockey player off my wish list.
One night is all it was meant to be, until I see two pink lines on the pregnancy test.
How did the notch on my belt turn into a ball and chain?

My review:

Tensley has had a crush on her best friend’s cousin Clancy since they were kids, but he lives in another state and her cousin warned her away from him repeatedly. A one night stand ten years later, though, has consequences neither of them saw coming. Tensley is 21 and a junior in college; Clancy is a senior so around 22 years old. I was impressed by the maturity both showed about their situation. I also liked how supportive each set of their friends were, and especially how Clancy took the initiative to educate himself about everything Tensley would be going through.

However, the book was a bit uneventful. Outside the unplanned pregnancy between two people living 7 states apart, there isn’t any real drama. Tensley has a strained relationship with her mother, but the only interactions we see between them are pretty mild and don’t really explain that tension. And at the end, after the birth, Tensley mentions to Clancy some bullying issues she had been dealing with the entire pregnancy. Getting to experience them along with Tensley would have given this book so much more depth. Honestly, even though this was an interesting story and a decent read, Tensley is a bit boring and Clancy is a bit of a male Mary Sue. He doesn’t seem to have any character flaws at all.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad book. The main plot is the pregnancy and mostly how Clancy deals with his impending fatherhood, to the detriment of developing the other characters further. This book would probably be enjoyed more by someone closer to the age of Tensley and Clancy and can relate to them better.

Rating: ♥♥♥


“Oh my gosh! This book was amazing!” – blog


“No one writes a confirmed bachelor turned swoony, love-of-your-life like Jacob. Get ready ladies, Clancy is going to steal your heart!” – Keri Loves Books

“Anytime Jacob Chance releases a novel I spare as much time as necessary to devour his words!” – Words We Love by Blog


Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover.


A writer of sports romcoms and romantic suspense, he plans on providing you with many more stories.


Something Like Hate by Claudia Burgoa Review + Giveaway


Something Like Hate FOR WEB

Something Like Hate

By Claudia Burgoa

Release Date: August 15, 2019


Between a troublesome client and my fake-girlfriend-for-my-sister’s-Cancun-wedding canceling at the last minute, I’m having the day from hell.
Then I spot Claire. Sexy. Smart. Sassy. 
So one of my superstar employees is boarding the same plane. 
With her help, I could kill two problems with one tequila shot.
That thing about never mixing business with pleasure? 
I should’ve remembered.
Now the hottest one-night stand I’ve ever had is my biggest business rival.
We’re after the same client.
I’m after her heart.
The trick is how to win one without losing the other.
Because when love has you by the balls, it’s time to play dirty.

USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa spins a new romantic comedy. This hot office rivalry romance will have you swooning and laughing your panties off!

Something Like Hate is a full-length novel based on Miller and Claire’s short story, “The Accidental Hookup,” which was previously released in Spring Fling: A Romance Anthology

My review:

I loved Claire and Miller in “The Accidental Hookup” and was excited to get more of their story. This was so much better than I expected! Even if you’ve read the previous short story, read this one. The beginning is the same, but this version is so much more. Claire is a strong, kickass woman who knows her worth. Miller is great once he gets out of his own way. I love their interactions, too. And their families! The moms together was comedy gold.

This book has so much: Love, passion, lust, family, backstabbing, betrayal, forgiveness, persistence, and hope. Read this book!

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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Connect with Claudia

Claudia is an award-winning, international bestselling author. She lives in Colorado, working for a small IT. She has three children and manages a chaotic household of three confused dogs, and a wonderful husband who shares her love of all things geek. To survive she works continually to find purpose for the voices flitting through her head, plus she consumes high quantities of chocolate to keep the last threads of sanity intact.













Happily Ever His by Delancey Stewart Review + Giveaway


Title: Happily Ever His

Series: Movie Stars in Maryland Duet #1

Author: Delancey Stewart
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: August 15, 2019
Tess was used to being in the shadows. But when movie star Ryan McDonnell pulls her into the spotlight, her whole world is threatened. Can a relationship that starts as a secret fantasy ever survive in the real world?
My sister Juliet has always gotten everything she wants.
It’s fine though. I never wanted the spotlight. That was my sister’s domain. And now that she’s America’s most popular starlet? She can have it.
But when Gran—the feisty woman who raised us, and who I cannot seem to wean off video games, an afternoon doobie, or her daily Manhattan—has a huge party to celebrate her 90th birthday, Juliet brings the Hollywood madness straight to Maryland.
In the form of my ultimate movie-star crush, Ryan McDonnell. I can barely form a
sentence around the guy (at least I don’t still have a poster of him on my wall). And I definitely can’t get over the fact that he’s Juliet’s new boyfriend.
I just need to get through the weekend with them—and with the magazine people who are covering them and the party for a feature. I just need to stay away from Ryan and his warm curious eyes, his perfectly chiseled arms, and the impossibly sexy things that come out of his mouth when we’re alone together.
It’s only one weekend, and I just need to remember that Ryan is an actor. A good one. Because I almost believe him when he tells me we have a chance together. 

My review:

This book is fantastic.
I admit that at first I was wary, yet I have read enough of Delancey Stewart’s books to trust that this isn’t a cheating book, which is a dealbreaker for me. Ryan and Juliet are in a fake relationship for the press. However, no one else knows that. Juliet doesn’t even want to tell her sister and Gran.
By the way – this book is a must read even if you hate romance novels, because Gran is probably the best character I have ever read. She dominates in World of Warcraft, drinks, smokes weed, curses like a sailor, and yet is one of the wisest and most insightful people. And she is 90. She is simply amazing.
Tess and Ryan had great chemistry, and I can’t wait to read Juliet’s book to experience more of this family.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
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My sister slid from the back seat of the car looking every bit the movie star she was. I hoped everything was going to meet her standards. The security guys had looked around the property for God-only-knew what, and asked me questions about our alarm system (nonexistent), our security perimeter (also nonexistent) and our emergency evacuation CONOPS (seriously? Once they explained what a “CONOPS” was—a concept of operations, in case you’re wondering—I explained that was also
My big sister Juliet lived in a world I could barely begin to understand, where movie stars were people you actually knew. People like Ryan McDonnell. 
Sigh. Deep, lovelorn sigh.
My sister had never really belonged here, and she didn’t fit in any better now, with her huge dark glasses and slim-fitted pink capris and high-heeled sandals. The second I saw her, I felt myself inching toward invisibility again. I loved her, but my life worked better when Juliet wasn’t standing at my side, begging the world to wonder how two sisters could be so different. 
I pushed down my own insecurities and smiled at her. 
“You look great,” I told her. It was true. She always looked great. 
“Hey,” she said in that breathy voice she’d become famous for. She pulled me into a tight hug, smiled at me, and then took a step back, ducking her chin a tiny bit as she
said, “I want to introduce you to someone.” 
A pair of long jean-clad legs slid out of the car behind her, attached to a broad tall body that I already knew too well was Ryan McDonnell. I was more than familiar with
this particular ‘someone.’ He’d been my on-screen crush forever, though I hadn’t seen him in anything lately. There had been a movie I hadn’t seen—one that hadn’t done too well, but it included zombies, which were not my thing, even if you added in Ryan McDonnell hotness.  
The object of my movie star affections had bright blue eyes, perfectly tousled dark hair—cropped close now, I noticed—and a body that appeared to have been carved from stone, or so I’d thought in the last role I’d seen him in as a comic book hero reimagined as a dark avenger. God, he was hot. 
“Tess?” My sister’s voice cut through my stupor. 
“Sorry,” I said, shaking off the dreamy haze. “Yes.”
“Yes?” He asked me, a smile spreading slowly across the perfect lips I couldn’t stop staring at. He chuckled, and I realized he hadn’t asked me a question. Embarrassment surged inside me, making my stomach churn.
“No,” I said, covering my affirmative declaration with an equally unnecessary negative word. “Or, I … um, hello.” 
“I apologize for the short notice,” Ryan said letting my idiocy slide. People probably acted like loons around him all the time. I tried not to look at him, but there were parts
of my body that were not listening at all to my brain. Ryan’s smile was like a speeding train coming right at me and freezing me to the spot where I stood, stupid and dazed. “I hope it’s not an inconvenience having us both here,” he said. 
I watched his perfect full lips as he spoke, almost unable to process the actual words. I was having trouble being human, thanks to his actual existence right in front of
“Sure,” I said, my voice higher than I remembered it being. 
More answering questions no one asked. My sister was smiling at me, shaking her head. Juliet knew about my long-time Ryan McDonnell affliction, and it was pretty obvious at this point. I hated that she undoubtedly knew I was flustered just trying to form actual words around her new boyfriend. 
I forced myself back to sanity.
“Can I help get your things?” I had no idea if it would be weird to acknowledge his status as my favorite actor or if it was rude to pretend I had no idea who he was.
I settled for a moronic silence on the topic.
Juliet put her arm around me. “You don’t need to get the bags,” she said lightly, as two of the men from her security team emerged from a second car, all black T-shirts and muscled arms pulling suitcases from the trunk. Of course not. My sister had people for that.
Coming Soon
Releasing September 5, 2019
Author Bio
Delancey Stewart is an award-winning author who writes fiction with
humor, heart and heat!
Get the first book in her new sports rom-com series — MR. MATCH — absolutely
free by joining her newsletter here:

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Wrecked By Her by Kristie Leigh



Title: Wrecked by Her

Series: Like a Hurricane Duet #1

Author: Kristie Leigh

Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 7, 2019


Loving Jules in high school was easy — gentle and natural.
But that was eight years ago, before she left town. Before she took off and
left my heart shattered.
Now she’s back…with a kid I’ve never met.
A hurricane, that’s what she is — powerful and potentially
destructive, yet so thrilling and intense.
If she leaves me wrecked again…I won’t survive.


My review:

I have so many thoughts about this book so I’ll try to get them out coherently.

We first meet Jules and Hunter at the end of high school, during the time of various going away parties for friends going off to college. Jules had broken up with Hunter because she was moving to California from Florida for college, even though they both still loved each other. Eight years later, a phone call brings Jules and her two year old son back to her hometown.

Let’s start with what I liked. Hunter was an all around great guy. He ran the family business, he was kind and helpful, and he still had tea with Jules’ mom every week even though he and Jules had broken up eight years ago. He was supportive of Jules when she needed and her rock to get her through a nightmare. Jules is a good mom to Calum, too. That kid is adorable. I also liked Taylor and her relationships with both Jules and Hunter. And even though I hate crying, certain scenes near the end had me sobbing (in public!) and that’s a rarity for me and a representation of how real the author’s writing is. And Margaret next door is a treasure.

Now, what I didn’t like. There was a scene early in the book, with Hunter and a friend in a bar talking relationships. They both kept referring to it as “chick talk” and implying that a “real man” wouldn’t have such conversations with his best friend. Because it’s feminine and therefore inferior to say “hey the love of my life is back in town after 8 years and I have feelings about that”?? That kind of subtle toxic masculinity burns me up.

Moving on…

The ending is not an ending at all, but a cliffhanger. It’s quite abrupt, though. We are taken from an intensely emotional experience to hope to a screeching halt of a WTF where did that come from? The cliffhanger is an angry one, with multiple characters involved. It will leave you feeling some kind of way, when you figure out what let me know. The good news is we don’t have long to wait until the second half of this book is released. However, if cliffhangers make your blood boil, you may want to wait until the other book is released and read them back to back.

Overall, it’s a good book and interesting story. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all works out.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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Releasing August 21

$2.99 for TODAY ONLY!



Author Bio
I’m a feisty redheaded Canadian/American who fell in love
with romance novels when my friend Phil bought me a Kindle that hasn’t left my
side since.
My favorite books to read are anything taboo and super sick
and twisted. I’m not sure I will ever write anything dark, but I would love to
give it a shot one day.
I live in South Florida with my high school sweetheart and
three kids.
I grew up in Burlington, ON, Canada but made the move to
South Florida in 2013 and definitely don’t miss the snow.
I’m not sure where this writing journey will take me but
either way, I know it will be a fun new adventure, and I’m super excited about
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