Blog Tour + Review: Second Chance by LB Dunbar


Second Chance, an all-new sexy, silver fox standalone from L.B. Dunbar is available now!



A widow at forty-four, her husband left her a letter.

Contact Denton.

Once upon a time, the three of them had been best friends.

Mati Rath isn’t sure she should look back.

Her heart isn’t ready, or so she thinks.


A pleading phone call forces him to make a decision.

I’ll be there.

Yet, he hasn’t been home in twenty-seven years.

Denton Chance isn’t sure he should return.

The past still haunts his heart.

A desire that never left them, along with circumstances beyond their control, brings the past to the present.

Can one sexy silver fox face the woman he once left behind but never let go?

Sometimes love deserves a second chance.

My review:

As kids and teens, Mati, Chris, and Denton are best friends, doing everything together. Both boys fall in love with Mati, and while she hides her feelings for Denton thinking he doesn’t return them, she dates Chris and they end up married. Denton dreamed of big things, and needing an escape from his abusive father, he headed for California right after their high school graduation. He hasn’t returned since, not even for the deaths of his father and former best friend. His mother is dying, though, so he makes the trip home to Georgia.

Mati has no idea Chris begged Denton to leave her behind on the road trip they had planned on taking together. She is angry with him for abandoning them 27 years ago. But feelings didn’t die for either one of them. She has to reconcile her heart with her head. Can she trust Denton to stay this time?

I liked these characters. I’m 40 myself now (how did that even happen??) so it’s nice to read about characters with adult kids, established careers, and memories of a 20+ year marriage. Mati is finally following her dreams after being sidelined by life. Denton lived his dream and is now realizing what is really important. And these two together are intense!

This was a very good book. I can’t wait to read Delores’s story of her adventure in California. I also hope Mati’s brother Billy gets a story with the bookstore owner down the street. There seems to be something going on there for sure.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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The Letter

Dear Mati,

If you’re reading this, something has happened to me. Hopefully, it wasn’t something long and drawn out, but quick and peaceful. Baby, I’m also hoping it didn’t take you, too, although you know I’d find you in heaven if you are here with me.

So, you’ve made it to cleaning out my office, which you’ve been asking me to do for years. I never was the neat one.

Reassure the boys I’m watching over them. I have faith that the two halves of us will find their way in the world, hopefully as fathers, as fatherhood has been one of the greater joys of my life.

The greatest joy has been your love, Mati. I know you gave it to me willingly, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. We know we’ve covered all four areas. Death does not part us, but I don’t want it to stop you from living. We promised each other, young or old, which ever one of us went first, the other would continue to enjoy the gift of life. It’s an adventure. Ours has certainly hit some bumps, taken curves, and ridden steep hills, but we enjoyed the ride, right? Don’t stop now. You’re the driver, Mati. A new road awaits.

I want you to do me a favor. Just consider it before you get mad at me. (Those vows should have included in moments of conflict and peace.) Contact Denton. He was one of our best friends. He loved you as I did, only I’m the luckier man. Despite riches and fame, I won you. I had your ear and your heart and your body. You might need someone to talk to, and he could be the ear for you. I have no doubt his heart is still open to yours. As for your body, well, I’d be a selfish man, deserving hell instead of heaven, if I expected it to waste on earth without attention. We gave each other permission, in vows outside our wedding, babe. I expect you to accept them. For once, don’t argue with me.

Live life.

Love from heaven,


About L.B. Dunbar

I’ve been accused of having an over-active imagination. To my benefit, this imagination has created over twenty novels, including the creation of a small-town world (Sensations Collection), rock star mayhem (Legendary Rock Star series), MMA chaos (Paradise Stories), rom-com for the over forty (The Sex Education of M.E.), and a suspenseful island for redemption (The Island Duet). My alter ego, elda lore, creates magical romance through mythological retellings (Modern Descendants). My life revolves around a deep love of reading about fairy tales, medieval knights, regency debauchery, and strong alpha males. I love a deep belly laugh, a strong hug, and an occasional margarita. My other loves include being mother to four grown children and wife to the one and only.


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For Emery by J. Nathan


Title: For Emery

A For You Novel

Author: J. Nathan

Genre: New Adult Sports Romance

Release Date: February 4, 2019

I’ve loved Jordan Grady since I was eight. 
Since he became my protector.
Since he became my safe haven each night. 
But I was younger.
Off limits…
Until high school when he finally kissed me. 
And for a few fleeting moments, everything was right in the
Then I was forced to do the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do…
Disappear from his life without a trace.
I’m Alabama’s star right tackle—and a real prick. 
I live my life by a few solid truths.
Life isn’t fair.
Don’t let anyone get too close.
And those who claim to care about you can up and leave. 
But you know what they say about things that disappear….
But Emery Pruitt had never been mine.
Even if she had returned after four years.
And more beautiful than the night she vanished.
But it didn’t erase the fact that she’d left me.
So, why find me now?

My review:

Emery and her family move in next door to Jordan and his family when she is 8 and he is 11. She starts coming to him to escape the turmoil of her abusive home, and for six years he is her best friend and protector. Then her mother finally gets the courage to leave, and she and Emery disappear into the night with no time for Emery to let Jordan know.

Four years later, she turns up at his college. After an uneasy start, they quickly pick up their old friendship. But there is still danger – her stepfather is out there somewhere. And people change in four years. Can they still be who they were to each other? Can they be more?

I liked Emery so much in this book. I also liked how Jordan, even as a kid, recognized how strong she was for surviving and making the best life she could despite what went on in her home. And the backyard scene after his high school dance was so sweet.

College Jordan and Emery are just as good, once they get the rough parts figured out. Sabrina is a good friend, too.

This was a really good book with a lot of sweet moments, and some powerful ones, too.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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Emery stood there, her eyes dancing with amusement. Her skinny jeans
and sparkly black tank top made her fit in with the rest of the girls in the
crowded bar. But she wasn’t just any girl. “What’d you do?” 
My eyes narrowed. 
She ticked her head over her shoulder. “To make her ditch you in the
middle of the dance floor?” 
“I told her I wasn’t taking her home with me.” 
Emery stared at me, her brows drawn. “Why not? Isn’t that what you college
football players do? Get girls to go home with you?” 
I shrugged. “Not sure. You wanna come home with me?” 
She laughed and her entire face lit up like it did when we were
younger. And that right there. That was the reason the other girl wasn’t coming
home with me. She didn’t look at me like Emery did. 
The thought hit me hard, nearly leveling me. 
I wanted to be looked at the way Emery looked at me—like she saw the
real me. I deserved that. 
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Author Bio

J. Nathan
is the author of new adult and sports romances with cocky heroes and sassy
heroines. When she’s not writing, she’s a total romance junkie! Add an alpha
male who’s unlikable in the beginning…even better. She loves guys in backward
hats, country music, the summertime, and her amazing family and friends.


Golden Rainbow by Balaka Basu

AtoZ2019BookTourSome time ago, with a different blog, I participated in the A to Z Blog Challenge. The rules to this challenge are simple: blog each day, and incorporate the letter of the day somehow in your post.

This year, the creators of the challenge had the idea of featuring books that have been published as a result of the challenge, whether the book consists of blog posts accumulated into a book, or was inspired by the challenge, or however the challenge spawned the book. Reviewers who participated in the challenge have the opportunity to review some of these books.





The first one I am reviewing is Golden Rainbow by Balaka Basu. From the author:

Golden Rainbow is an interesting collection of 26 memoirs written as short stories. These are not heroic tales but ordinary stories of ordinary people; nevertheless, they are thought-provoking. Some of them will make you laugh out loud while others may make you cry. The stories are rich in emotion, empathy and compassion.They are deeply profound. Reading the short stories is like a visit to Kolkata and typical Bengali life. You will connect with so many characters from your own real life but with different names. The anecdotes are not just stories but also a smart commentary on the various aspects of society. Easy to read, they will directly appeal to anyone fond of short stories. This book is not just a one-time read. It gets better with each reading.

This was a very interesting book to read. Some of the stories were inspiring, some were heartbreaking, and some were humorous. We meet 26 different characters of varying ages, backgrounds, and life stages. The book is also a nice snapshot of Bengali life, which I had not previously experienced.

Also from the author:

This book is a memoir yet it is not about me, it is about people whom I met in the course of my life. Each alphabet represent the first letter of someone’s name on whom the story is written. These characters are the protagonists and not me. Each character is simple yet unique. I have written about people from all classes of the society, with different economic levels, different genders, different sexual orientation. I have tried to write them from a non judgmental point of view. Some of the stories are hilarious while others are sombre. I have tried to include even the apparently inconspicuous people like a street vendor or a homeless vagabond, people whom we often choose to ignore.


Balaka Basu

Why did you take part in the A to Z Challenge the year that your book was “given life”?

I just wanted to blog regularly and write.
Why did you start blogging?
To give words to my emotions
As a reader, what most motivates you to buy a new book to read?
The blurb
What is one question or discussion topic which you would like the readers of this post to answer or remark on in the blog comments?
How they liked my style of writing
Ms Basu’s blog can be found here.

Coming soon: Text Me Baby One More Time by Teagan Hunter

We are so excited to be sharing a brand new teaser for Text Me Baby One More Time by Teagan Hunter. Text Me Baby One More Time is a brand new standalone second chance romcom coming February 11th!


About Text Me Baby One More Time

I love you, he said.
Forever, he said.
Turns out, he lied.

When he leaves me high and dry after a cross-country move, I push him out of my life as much as I can, which is hard to do when the guy who broke your heart also happens to be the most famous dude in town.

After a disastrous year, he’s aiming to rehab his reputation, and I just so happen to be aiming for a promotion at the paper.

So, we strike a deal, and it’s a win-win all around.

Besides, what’s the harm in a few dates to charity galas anyway?

He’s arrogant, a total jerk. There’s no way I’ll fall for him…again.

I used to love him. Now I hate him…I think.

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TEAGAN HUNTER is a Missouri-raised gal, but currently lives in North Carolina with her US Marine husband, where she spends her days begging him for a cat. She survives off coffee, pizza, and sarcasm. When she’s not writing, you can find her binge-watching various TV shows, especially Supernatural and One Tree Hill. She enjoys cold weather, buys more paperbacks than she’ll ever read, and never says no to brownies. For more information, please visit

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