One Take Only by Lynsey M Stewart

Title: One Take Only
Author: Lynsey M. Stewart
Release Date: 14 th November 2020

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I didn’t mean to walk in on Will, my nerdy best friend, naked and pleasuring himself. But ever since I saw what the Clark Kent lookalike was hiding under his Superman T-shirts and Star Wars pyjamas, I’ve been unable to stop thinking about his…lightsaber. Yes, touching him would be great, finding out what he tastes like, amazing, but our friendship means too much to risk. After suffering a devastating loss, I lost myself. Will found me, held me, made me believe I could carry on.
Volunteering at a LGBTQ+ sexual health clinic gave me purpose and a new focus to make a porn film that would take out the smut and replace it with love, realism and the message of safe, consensual sex. But to do that, I need Will again…as a photographer who can adapt his skills to filming porn…
And definitely NOT for sexy sexcapades…

So, I’ll stick to the banter with an edge of snark we do so well, project my sexual tension into the scene I’m directing, ignore his magnificent ass as he films the pop shot, and keep pretending that my best friend doesn’t make me want to risk it all. I didn’t mean to walk in on Will, naked and pleasuring himself. The same way I didn’t mean to fall in love on a porn set.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters were fantastic and the chemistry between them was absolute FIRE. Will and Skye have been best friends for five years. They’ve also been in love with each other for five years but neither one knew the other felt the same, and they also both were afraid of losing their best friend. When Skye ropes Will into helping her make a healthy porn film to be used at the clinic where she volunteers, lines get blurred.

I liked a lot about this book. Skye’s volunteer work is awesome and the reason behind it is heartbreaking. The appearances by Stacey and Matt are wonderful. The community around Skye and the clinic are inspiring. But what tipped me from really liking the book to loving it was the message of Skye’s film and the reasons for it. That is something we don’t have enough of and really need in real life.

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