New Release by Toby Neal: Wired Courage, Paradise Crime #9

Wired CourageWired Courage is the ninth book in Toby Neal‘s Paradise Crime series featuring Sophie Ang, who we first met in the Lei Crime series. Wired Courage picks up soon after Wired Fear, right after Sophie has given birth to her daughter. She, Alika, and Jake are working out the dynamics of their new lives. Unfortunately, their joy is cut short when baby Momi disappears twelve hours after being born. Sophie knows right away who is behind the kidnapping – her mother, Pim Wat. Sophie and Jake, accompanied by Connor and a select team from Security Solutions, go to Thailand to get Momi back and deal with Pim Wat once and for all.

This book was such an emotional rollercoaster from the very first page. And just when you think you know what is going to happen, you really don’t. Nothing is as expected. So much happens in this book, too. Not just action but character growth. In Wired Fear, Sophie was on a journey to learn who she was outside of her job or her past. In this book, she grows even more. She is really coming into her own and I cannot wait to meet the Sophie of book 10.

What I liked: I love Sophie. She was my favorite supporting character in the Lei Crime series and I love these books centered around her. She has so much depth, more than she even knows. I liked so much that I can’t talk about because spoilers! Sophie’s aunt – we’ve heard about her in other books but we finally meet her here. She is fantastic. Sophie’s strength and determination  to save her daughter no matter what. I also really liked the ending. It’s exactly where Sophie should be right now and this will be very good for her.

What I didn’t like: Again, a spoiler! But it’s a minor spoiler involving Ginger – who doesn’t die thank goodness, but I don’t like what happened with her at all.

Overall: Get this book. Read this whole series! It’s fantastic. Each book is full of page-turning captivation and watching Sophie change and grow over the years is fascinating.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


About Toby Neal

Author-photo-standingKirkus Reviews calls Neal’s writing, “persistently riveting. Masterly.”

Award-winning, USA Today bestselling social worker turned author Toby Neal grew up on the island of Kaua`i in Hawaii. Neal is a mental health therapist, a career that has informed the depth and complexity of the characters in her stories. Neal’s police procedurals, starring multicultural female sleuths Lei Texeira and Sophie Ang, explore the crimes and issues of Hawaii and have sold well over a million copies.

Neal focuses on mystery, but also writes romance and a line of apocalyptic romance thrillers, the Scorch Series, with Emily Kimelman.

Her memoir, FRECKLED: a Memoir of Growing up Wild in Hawaii, comes out 12/30/18 under her nonfiction writing name of TW Neal.

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