Where Did I Go?

Photo by Fang-Wei Lin on Unsplash

The blog is on hiatus, for now.

Like everyone, covid drastically changed our lives. I have been working from home since last March, which is amazing, but that has dramatically cut down my ability to read. I’m getting twice as much work as I was when I was in-person, and there is just more going on in general to take my attention. Some family health issues have come up since then also that take a considerable amount of my time and away from home.

I do still read, but I’ve stopped requesting ARCs except for a few authors that I work with directly. I post those on Amazon and Goodreads, and may or may not put them here also. In all honestly, if I have to build a post from scratch it’s not likely it will appear on this blog for the time being. I just don’t have the brain power left over.

I hope you all are faring well in this never-ending pandemic! If things ever do get back to normal, I’m sure I’ll return to reviewing the books I read. In the meantime, happy reading!


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