Frayed by Layne Deemer

Title: Frayed
Author: Layne Deemer
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Release Date: November 7, 2019
Cover Design: Murphy Rae 

Owen Hanson packs a bag and leaves his past where it belongs—dead and buried in his small Connecticut hometown. His new life as a clothing inspector is boring and predictable and the perfect escape. He’s finally in control.


Lydia March is unexpected, but he can’t avoid her even if he tries. She makes him feel things and throws the delicate balance of his orderly life off its axis.
When Owen begins receiving mysterious messages from an unknown admirer, it’s not long before his world begins to spiral and nothing is as it seems. Is Lydia writing the notes or is it someone else? Has his past finally caught up with him?
When reality starts to fray at the edges, it’s impossible not to pick at the loose threads and watch as everything unravels. Can Owen hold onto the control he so desperately clings to or will his life be reduced to nothing more than a tangled mass of chaos?

My review:

This… was different. The first several chapters of the book are almost all Owen’s internal dialogue, with minimal interaction with other characters. He is quiet and keeps to himself, and wants little to do with others. We learn that he has basically run away to get a fresh start after a tragic accident. His mother and brother worry about him but he seems a bit detached from them. Then he meets Lydia at work, and she makes him start to feel again. Like Owen, Lydia is running from a past, hers being an abusive ex boyfriend. But nothing and no one are what they seem to be in this book.

Frayed is only told from Owen’s point of view, and it’s an odd journey through his mind. Lydia is a refreshing change from his greyness – but things don’t quite add up with her as well. But is it Owen’s misinterpretation? Or is she not what she seems?  And the mystery of who is slipping Owen the anonymous notes adds to the confusion.

This was an enjoyable book, but I doubt I’ll reread it. I was curious to see what happened and get answers, all of which are revealed in the very end. And I mean all of them – including answers we didn’t know we didn’t have before. And honestly, that tainted my outlook of the whole book I think. I can’t say more because major spoilers, but just be warned this isn’t a happily ever after book.

If you like psychological suspense, check this out. It’s not a bad book at all and a good first book for an author. It just didn’t resonate with me like some others do. I do know why, but again, spoilers. I would have to give away the ending to explain it but it is 100% what I, personally, need from a book and nothing to do with the quality of the book at all.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Layne Deemer aims to push boundaries with her writing. Her stories deconstruct the ordinary until it becomes something else entirely. 


She has a degree in Communications with a minor in English and has worked in the fields of public relations, marketing, and advertising, but writing has always been her true passion. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading. Her wish list of books will take her a lifetime to get through. 


She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, Adam, their two kids, Stella and Jasper, and their bulldog, Archie. Frayed, a psychological thriller, is her first novel.






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