Sweet Revenge by Jennifer Hanks



Title: Sweet Revenge
Series: Sinners MC #1
Author: Jennifer Hanks
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: November 7, 2019

He shouldn’t want her.
Maggie O’Brien has the ability to destroy him and his plan for revenge on his club’s biggest threat. But he’s craved her almost as long as his retaliation, and nothing will stop him from getting everything he’s always wanted.
Not even the man he fears she really loves.
She doesn’t trust him.
Ryker Evans, a.k.a. Gunner, has the ability to change that with his kind words and soft touches. But she decided when she sacrificed herself to save another that she would never give someone the power to break her again and that kindness comes at a price. A price she is no longer willing to pay.
In a world filled with lies and secrets where freedom is fleeting, can they learn to love each other enough to survive? 
Or will the cost of revenge be too high?

My review:

I have a confession: I wasn’t excited about this book. As much as I love the Dimarco series and the Elite Securites books that this is spun off from, I generally dislike motorcycle club books. Spoiler alert: I should have known better.

These characters aren’t some random MC sprung on us. We know these characters. I don’t know what I was thinking! Of course Jennifer Hanks is going to write captivating characters that draw us in and won’t let go. Are these characters a little grittier than the Dimarcos? Sure, but they have lived very different lives.

We encountered Maggie on multiple occasions in the Dimarco books, but haven’t really gotten to know her before now. She has such a heartbreaking history, but she is a fighter and seeing her learn how to live instead of merely survive is spectacular. Gunner was new, at least I don’t remember him from previous books, but I enjoyed getting to know him too. These two are so good for each other.

Definitely read this book. Even if you are like me and don’t read MC books, give this one a shot. This isn’t the typical book of that genre – these are decent people who run an honest business and like motorcycles and the family they’ve built. And bonus points for Dimarco patriarch appearances – I love Jack so much and I’m 100% sure one of his hugs would make me cry.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


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Author Bio
Jennifer Hanks is the author of The Dimarco Series as well as The Elite Securities Series. Her stories are contemporary romance and romantic suspense, all with the underlying message of the power and strength in love. She’s also a sucker for a Happily-Ever-After. Her love of reading and books in general started at a very young age and has steadily grown into a love of writing as well. She admits to being addicted to all things romance and has no plans of quitting her habit. Jennifer lives in
Pennsylvania with her two children. When she’s not reading or writing, she can be found with her kids at their various activities. Her house is frequently filled with any combination of her children’s friends, nieces, nephews and a variety of pets.


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