Forget the Stars by Kelsey Kingsley

Title: Forget the Stars
Author: Kelsey Kingsley
Genre: Friends-to-lover/2nd Chance Romance
Release Date: August 26, 2019
Cover Design: Danny Manzella


“From August 26 to September 26, 2019, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.”

“If you want a book with eternally endearing and relatable characters, a heartfelt, captivating, poignant storyline, and one that has the potential to compassionately enlighten the reader, ponder it no more and get your copy of this one today.” – BookAddict


“I can’t forget the stars when I have to give this book all the stars! Seriously. All the stars in the universe. I can’t even begin to tell you how special Forget The Stars is. I just want to go around to everyone I know yelling “READ THIS BOOK!”” – Red Hatter Book Blog

Guitarist Chad Wilcox’s life isn’t going according to plan. 
At thirty, he never thought he’d still be unmarried and living with his parents. And with the added stress of his poor health, he’s convinced the only thing within his control is the success he’s found as a rockstar.
After reconnecting with his childhood best friend, Chad sets into motion a new plan to regain control over his happiness, and things start looking up. But when he finds himself diagnosed with a potentially debilitating chronic illness, he begins to wonder…
Is this as good as it’s going to get? Or is it at all possible for a guy like him to get everything he’s ever wished for?

My review:

Chad and Molly were best friends from birth, until they weren’t any more. Then nearly two decades later they reconnect in a beautiful way.
This isn’t your typical rock star romance. Chad has a good bit of fame, but he isn’t a household name. He isn’t the leader of the group like most novels in the genre. He is also dealing with a serious health issue. Molly found herself in the years they were apart, growing from the tormented girl who would hide behind her protective best friend to a confident yogi who sings and plays guitar at a local bar three nights a week. Turning 30 just a few months apart, they are both at  crossroads in their lives.
I did really enjoy this book. The moms are adorably meddling, but also we get to see the various reactions to Chad’s diagnosis. This book also addresses how things go viral – both good things and bad things – and is quite thought provoking. Chad and Molly, when they are finally together, are perfection and have a connection that comes from already knowing each other as well as they know themselves. And Chad’s bandmates – Sebastian cracked me up! I haven’t read any of the other band members’ books but now I feel the need to go read them to get more of those characters.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥




“What’s that look for?” she asked with a giggle, as she reached around to secure her bra.
I shook my head as a smile stretched over my lips. “Nothin’. Just …” I swallowed at the warmth crowding my heart and my lungs. “You’re my best friend.”
She tugged a tank top on and sighed, her exhale lingering in the air. “You’re mine.”
Mine. The word was simple and yet held the world. It was an agreement, it was possession. It was an invisible contract that lingered between us, and I would’ve gladly used my own blood to sign on the dotted line.
But instead of pricking a finger and sealing the deal, I simply nodded, as only two words left my mouth.
“I’m yours.”




Kelsey Kingsley is an author of eight, almost nine, novels. She lives in New York with her family and a cat named Ethel. She loves tattoos, music, makeup, and Frasier reruns. Kelsey is a Slytherin. She curses a lot, and she fucking hates cheese.


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