Sidecar Crush by Claire Kingsley with Lucy Score


“I tried to think of something—anything—to calm my raging hard-on. One wrong move and Leah Mae would rub up against it and that was liable to kill me dead on the spot.” — Jameson Bodine

Model turned disgraced reality TV starlet, Leah Mae Larkin, crash lands in her hometown of Bootleg Springs to lay low while a scandal threatens her career. She can’t shake the feeling that her agent—and supposed fiancé—manipulated her into the role of made-for-TV homewrecker. Connecting with her roots is just what she needs, and Bootleg Springs is home to her father, moonshine, and her childhood best friend, Jameson Bodine.

Only there’s nothing childlike about Jameson—a man who turns scrap metal into art and isn’t afraid to throw down on a rowdy Friday night with his brothers and hellcat sister. He might not say much, but still waters run deep. Seeing the ring on his crush’s finger? He doesn’t like it, but he can’t wish it away. No more than he can wish away the trouble his family is in, with evidence pointing to his late father in the cold case disappearance of Callie Kendall.

Jameson and Leah Mae are just two friends reliving their summers together, blowing off steam, and having fun for the first time in a long time. But Leah Mae is realizing what’s really important in her life, and it isn’t what she thought.

And sometimes steam turns into sparks—hot as molten steel—and friends aren’t just friends.

My review:

This is the second book in the Bootleg Springs series by Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score. Since they are all available in Kindle Unlimited, I’ve been reading them back to back. It is SO nice to be able to continue a series immediately! There are no cliffhangers and each book is a standalone, but there is a side story of a cold case disappearance that unfolds throughout the books so you definitely want to read them in order for this reason.

Jameson is the second-eldest Bodine sibling, a quiet metal sculptor who mostly keeps to himself and his family. Leah Mae was his childhood best friend who grew up summering in Bootleg Springs with her father, until the disappearance of Callie Kendall scares Leah Mae’s mother into keeping her home during the summers after that. Leah grows up to pursue her dream of modeling and acting, and finds herself on a reality show in order to boost her career.

Leah and her fiance/agent are in Bootleg Springs visiting Leah’s father when his health condition makes her decide to stay longer. As she and Jameson rebuild their friendship, scandal on both of their sides tries to keep them apart.

I am loving this series. Each of the Bodines has something unique to contribute to the family and yet they love each other fiercely. And the townspeople are amazing. These books make me laugh out loud frequently. This book is slightly angstier than the previous one – hello tortured artist type – but not overly so.

This is also a no-cheating book, despite Leah Mae having a fiance in the beginning.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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About the author:

Claire Kingsley writes sexy, heartfelt romances with sassy and quirky heroines, swoony heroes who love their women hard, panty-melting sexytimes, and all the big feels.

She can’t imagine life without coffee, her Kindle, and all the sexy heroes who inhabit her imagination. She’s living out her own happily ever after in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, affectionately known as Mr. Arm Porn to her readers, and their three kids.

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