True Gold by Michelle Pace

Title: True Gold
Author: Michelle Pace
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 2, 2019
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Growing up in True, Alaska, the only truth I knew was that Delilah Campbell was an arrogant pain in my ass. She was also my everything, and still haunts my every waking moment. 
I don’t have a single memory that doesn’t include Lie, and I can still taste her, even though Alaska’s no longer big enough for the both of us. After our savage breakup, I fled, chasing my dream and becoming a decorated Green Beret. Ten years later, one bad jump propelled me straight from Special Forces back home, guiding rich idiots into the wilderness, where I struggle to keep them from getting themselves killed. It’s not the life I planned, but at least I’m not behind a desk somewhere. 
Then one night, my cell rings, shattering my peaceful existence.
“Connor,” I’d recognize her voice anywhere, and it’s like I’m sixteen again, crazy in love and cocky as hell after finding all those gold bars everyone’s been searching for since before we were even born.
I want to tell her to go to hell and throw my phone in the river, but it seems Delilah’s visceral grip on me is permanent.
“It’s mom. She’s missing. I need your help….”

My review:

When they were 16, Connor and Lilah found one of two remaining lost pallets of gold tossed from a hijacked plane before they were ever born. Now years later, Lilah’s mother Lu is missing and Connor is the only one Lilah trusts to help find her.

This was a pretty good book. It was well paced and easy to read. Connor and Lilah both have a lot of baggage to deal with, so that is unpacked over the course of the book too as they search for Lu.  The cast of characters is large but not overwhelming. The story is intense, too, in a good way.

This exciting escape is a great vacation read.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Raised in small town Iowa, Michelle Pace is an international best-selling, multi-genre author. After studying theater and vocal music and directing and performing in numerous productions, Michelle went on to earn degrees in both liberal arts and nursing. 
Determined to avoid shoveling snow, she relocated to the Lone Star State with her husband, author L.G. Pace III. Michelle is a mother of three, and she enjoys traveling, live music, and is an enthusiastic amateur beer connoisseur. 


Still most at home while entertaining an audience, her mission is to write gripping fiction, not fairy tales.