The Orchard Inn by AM Kusi



Title: The Orchard Inn
Series: Orchard Inn Romance #1

Author: A. M. Kusi

Publisher: Our Peaceful Family

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial Romance

Release Date: May 16, 2019



Can she trust him with her heart?


Ella is desperate for a fresh start. After years spent with her abusive ex, the
emotionally scarred woman finally breaks free and moves to a small New England
town. She has inherited the Orchard Inn — her safe haven — from the only man
she trusted.River has everything he could want; a thriving job, money, and status in
Boston. However, the optimistic and successful consultant still feels something
is missing from his life.

Meeting each other at the front desk of the Inn, there’s an instant and undeniable
attraction between them. As hard as they both try to not mix work with
pleasure, the magnetic connection is impossible to ignore.

Outgoing River is captivated by the tattooed beauty. He knows she is what’s
missing in his life, even though they live in opposite worlds. Reserved Ella
can’t resist the electric pull his green eyes have on her. He awakens parts of
her that she never knew existed.

But will River be able to tear down the wall that shields Ella’s heart, before
her past catches up to both of them?

If you like small town and opposites attract romance with a dash of suspense,
then you’ll love The Orchard Inn.

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The Orchard Inn is the first book in the Orchard Inn Romance Series but can
be read as a standalone novel.


My review:

Ella Shaw had a rough life. Growing up with a mother who stayed in an endless string of abusive relationships, she finally escaped only to be caught up in one herself. Beaten and broken, she ran away to the only man who had ever shown her kindness, her mother’s ex boyfriend Mac, owner of The Orchard Inn in Vermont. Ella inherited the inn after Mac’s death and has made it a success. River is vising the area on business and staying at the inn for the week. They are attracted to each other, but Ella hasn’t dated in the seven years since escaping her ex boyfriend and doesn’t want to get involved with someone who will be gone in a few days. They strike up a friendship, and the feelings come anyway. They decide to try a long distance relationship, slowly, to get to know each other and to give Ella a chance to ease in and learn to trust River. Just when things are going well, she learns a secret that changes everything about both of their lives.

I really liked this book. Ella is not a victim, she’s a survivor. She is vulnerable but she is tough and working on healing. She has amazing, supportive friends who look out for her daily. River is successful but grounded. He works for his father’s company and is being groomed to take over one day, but he doesn’t love the work. He is so patient and understanding with Ella and I love that. He doesn’t see her scars as flaws but as symbols of her strength.

This is a slow burn book. Ella and River are together for a long time before much happens between them because Ella just isn’t emotionally ready. Thanks to her best friend and her therapist, however, she is able to learn how to allow herself to love and be happy.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥



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River swallowed the bite of pizza and turned his head to look into Ella’s eyes. He wanted to ask her how she had learned the obvious tough lessons in her life. What was it that made her keep him at arm’s length? He could tell she was attracted to him as well, but something held her back.
He lowered his face towards her slightly and she bit her lip. He had a sudden urge to kiss her and taste her. He saw her eyes glanced down at his mouth, and felt a pull towards her. He glanced at the throbbing vein in her neck and saw her heart was racing just as fast as his. Ella’s closeness flooded his body with heat. Her closeness was making it hard to think clearly.
Author Bio
A.M. Kusi is the
pen name of a husband and wife team (Ashley and Marcus) who enjoy writing love
stories that are inspired by their own experiences as an interracial couple.
Their novels focus on healthy relationships that involve a partnership between
a strong female heroine and the hero, are emotionally satisfying and have a
happy ending.
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