Rise Up by Alison Mello Review + Giveaway



Title: Rise Up

Series: A Coach’s Love #3

Author: Alison Mello
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: April 15, 2019
When my ex-wife told me she was leaving West Virginia, I was angry. Our marriage was over, it had been for a long time, but now she’s abandoning our son, and neither of us are happy about it.

My assistant, Amber, and I have been flirting for months. There’s a strong connection between us, and we both know it. Tapping into our mutual love for basketball, I bring Amber on to help coach my son’s team.

Now my ex is back and making demands. I know I should always trust my gut. When
I don’t, things go wrong, and it leaves us with a lesson…

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish … rise up!


My review:

This was an enjoyable book. Vincent is a divorced single dad of 13 year old athlete Ethan and coach of Ethan’s basketball team. Amber is his assistant that he’s had feelings for but wouldn’t act on it because she worked for him. They have a solution for that problem, though, since another assistant is leaving and Amber can take her place. Amber fits right into their family. She teaches Ethan to cook, helps coach his team, and loves and protects him like he’s her own. Ethan’s mom Laney is a mean, neglectful mother who verbally abuses Ethan when he visits her then she puts his life in danger. This is the catalyst for her own change.
The theme of rising up to be better is consistent through the book, both in sports and in life. The main reason this was 4 stars for me instead of 5 is that it seems we missed a lot of buildup between Vincent and Amber in other books. This one seems to go right from zero to I Love You in no time at all. And Vincent’s friends are referred to by first name only from the beginning with no context as if we are supposed to automatically know who they are (example: the narrative refers to going to Misty’s diner but it’s the first time she’s ever mentioned and we don’t even know she’s his friend). Overall, though, this is a good book with a couple who is perfect for each other and an inspiring underlying message.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥


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“Grandpa said you wanted to talk to me, so why aren’t you talking?”
Her eyes stay fixed on the floor. He gives her a minute, but she never replies.
“Well, if you don’t really want to talk, then I’ll go, but I just wanted to tell you to rise up.”
She looks at him confused.
“It’s our saying. When things are hard, we rise up. We overcome them. It’s how we got past you leaving us.” He stands. “You can rise up too, Mom.”
My heart breaks watching the interaction between my son and his mother. 


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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio
Alison is a full-time author. She was born and raised in Massachusetts where she met her husband while serving in the Massachusetts Army National Guard. Now that he has retired from the military, they’re living in sunny Florida with their
Alison has a love for reading, writing and Taekwondo. After a few years of taking class, her son asked her to join with him and so she did. They take class and compete in tournaments together. This is the only place he out ranks her. 
Though Alison has written many stories, she is most known for her Club Thrive series, Shattered Souls and A Coach’s Love. She has a love for writing strong females and close friends. She’s also known for intertwining her characters throughout a series. 
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