Randy’s Candy by Taryn Bradley

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Title: Randy’s Candy
Author: Taryn Bradley
Publication Date: Feb 14 2019
Cover Designer: CT Cover Creations
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For one magical night… 
I was Cinderella at the ball, sipping champagne and dancing under the stars with the most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on.
For one magical night… 
I was the sparkle in his eyes and in the heat of passion…the name on his lips.
For one magical night…
I lived my fairytale and the man before me was my dream come to life…my very own Prince Charming.
But, my magical night disappeared with the light of day…
As did my handsome prince.
So, just like Cinderella…I ran.
All the way home to New York City…
To lick my wounds and nurse my broken heart.
Now 3,459 miles away from that magical night… my prince’s face was smiling back at me…from the magazine rack at the grocery store. 
It wasn’t pretend.
He really is a prince.
And he’s searching for me.
Now, I need to do everything in my power to not be found…
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My review:

*happy sigh*

What a great Cinderella story.

Claire and Rand meet at a wedding and have a fairy tale night together, but a case of mistaken identity makes it hard for Rand to find her. But even if he does, how could they have a relationship when their lives are so different?

I did love this one. The first thing that I absolutely loved was that Claire was not in her early 20s. She is 40 and Rand is a couple years older. They both have friends and established careers and lives. And while I have nothing against New Adult books, it is so nice to have the maturity of experience in a relationship and not the angsty drama, self doubt, and second guessing. When Claire and Rand have an issue, they talk about it. They may argue about it, but there’s no big dramatic breakup and weeks of whining that could have been prevented if they had taken 5 minutes to talk.

Sorry, tangent there 🙂

Claire and Lizzie are almost another love story themselves. Not romantic love, but soulmate best friends who live an ocean apart. I loved their friendship and unconditional support of each other.

Claire and Rand, though. They are perfection. The sweetness, the romance, the dresses, the passion… just perfection.

This is a fantastic Valentine’s Day read.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Taryn Bradley makes her home on a small citrus ranch in the rolling hills of California. When she’s not tending to her many animals, or reading, she is barefoot in her writing cave, spinning tales and drinking whiskey from a tea cup. Randy’s Candy is her third novel.


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