The Week in Review + A Look Ahead

This week was a good reading week!

Three books were released and I really enjoyed all of them.

73059c7d8d929d86e5b43cb66effedebPicture Perfect Summer came out on Tuesday. I was hesitant about this one at first, but after reading it I was glad I signed up for it. It was much better than I expected! (Review)


Work In Progress released on Thursday. This was my top pick of the week – I loved this one so much! It’s also free to read via Kindle Unlimited if you have that. (Review)


Finally, Rules of Engagement came out yesterday. This was a good single dad/fake fiance/friends to lovers story. The characters had so much history that the timeline wasn’t an issue like it would normally be for me. This one is also available via Kindle Unlimited! (Review)

A look ahead:

Next week is busier than this week was – I have ten books to review! I’m on the third one right now, another book by Nana Malone, author of the Royals United duet I reviewed previously. (Book 1, Book 2) I’m also really looking forward to Friday’s release, Charming As Puck by Pippa Grant. Her books are so funny! Also on Monday there will be a teaser post of Teagan Hunter‘s newest release. I cannot wait to get that one! It is the fourth and final book in her Texting series.


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