Lucy by Jennifer Hanks

LucyLucy is book one in the DiMarco series by Jennifer Hanks. (I’ve already reviewed Kate, book 5.)

Lucy is the college best friend of Ben DiMarco. They are inseperable, but totally platonic. They feel more like brother and sister than anything. Ben is going home for his brother’s Memorial Day weekend wedding, and wants to stop his mother from trying to play matchmaker and get him to settle down. He thinks that if Lucy poses as his girlfriend, he will be left alone, no harm done. Lucy finally agrees, against her better judgement.

The one thing Lucy wasn’t counting on, however, was her instant attraction to Christian, one of Ben’s brothers. Christian is attracted to her, too, but thinks she’s with Ben and he won’t try anything with his brother’s girlfriend. Things get even more complicated when Ben fails to tell his family they broke up as planned, and Lucy has to maintain the charade through another holiday.

Lucy ends up getting a job in the DiMarcos’ town and moves there, and she and Christian start a relationship. Then Lucy is attacked. Luke DiMarco, the detective of the brothers, is working a case that ties to her attack. Ben rushes to her immediately. Christian can’t be sure who Lucy really wants, Ben or him. In the end, Christian finds out what happened to make Lucy and Ben so close, but can they make a relationship work after all the drama?

What I liked: The DiMarco family is captivating. I cannot comprehend being a part of such a large family but they are incredible. Lucy is a strong woman and fits in well with the family. I loved the DiMarco father, too. He stole my heart when I read Kate. He’s an idyllic father figure. There is a lot of depth to all of the characters as well. So many layers!

What I didn’t like: Christian’s moodiness got old but like I said, so many layers! More was going on with him than what’s on the surface. It’s infuriating but understandable.

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Rating: ♥♥♥♥


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