Whisper Me and Roar by Bri Stone



Whisper Me and Roar is releasing this week and I had the opportunity to read it early. The synopsis sounded really interesting. Melinda and Pete were college sweethearts, engaged to be married, but Melinda left Pete at the altar with no explanation. She has followed her dream to be a top orthopedic surgeon, and he is now a professional football player. They meet again fifteen years later, and Melinda realizes not only does she still love him and want him back, but that despite his anger he still loves her too. But the hurt and betrayal of the past, and their respective careers, are in their way.

I did like this story. I liked that it wasn’t “easy” – one of my book pet peeves is when there is a huge conflict event or situation, but it’s glossed over and resolved like nothing happened just to get the happily ever after. Yeah, I know these are fictional books, but no relationship lasts when the big issues aren’t resolved without putting in the work. In this book, Pete truly makes Melinda work for it. He acknowledges he still loves her, but he’s protecting his heart.

For most of the book, Melinda’s POV is the present and Pete’s POV is in the past, when they were together in college. At first that change was confusing, but once I realized what was going on it wasn’t a distraction to the story.

What I loved: Melinda followed her dream and succeeded. She is doing incredible things in her career and helping many people. I love that Pete talks to her about his feelings toward her. He isn’t the stereotypical “I’ll just lash out and hit something instead of say how I feel” like many athletes are portrayed in books. I love his family, too. His mother and sisters are all strong, fierce women.

What I didn’t love: I’m hoping the ARC I read was not the final, edited version. There were lots of mistakes especially in the first few chapters that really bothered me – missing punctuation, misspelled words, the wrong word being used.

Final verdict: As much as I enjoyed the book, it didn’t suck me in like others do. I liked it, but didn’t love it.

Rating: ♥♥♥ 1/2