Knight of Wands by Claudia Burgoa

Knight of Wands:

“His courage is incredibly strong and he has no fear of anything. He simply charges forth with his ideas and visions to make things happen. Thus, the Knight of Wands suggests t42933442_2049394558426631_1490069397891448832_nhat your confidence levels will rapidly increase and you will feel ready to take on the world with your vision.” (read more here)

Knight of Wands is a new release in the Cards of Love series, with novellas by several authors all loosely based on tarot cards.

Kaitlynn and Oliver were childhood friends, then Oliver started dating Kaitlynn’s sister, who dumped him after he joined the military. Kaitlynn and Oliver kept in touch by exchanging letters for several years, until they both didn’t any more. Finally, after 12 years, Oliver is home. He is surprised to find Kaitlynn running her deceased parents’ restaurant instead of living her dream. He is also surprised at his reaction to grown up Kaitlynn.  Kaitlynn quickly realizes that her childhood crush hasn’t gone away, but thinks that Ollie blew her off when she told him how she felt. She also feels like everyone she loves can’t be counted on to stick around, so she won’t let herself get attached to Ollie again. Oliver has to find a way to convince her that he is sticking around, and help her to realize her dream.

What I loved: Oliver’s character. He is good for Kaitlynn and the town. I also like the sense of community established in the book. I like how Oliver and Kaitlynn are together, once she finally opens up and accepts the relationship. And the epilogue was adorable.

What I didn’t love: The quick resolution, but that’s most likely a result of the book being a novella instead of a full length novel. They have many years of history, but also several things from the past 12 years to resolve. Neither are the same person they once were and I would have liked them to date a while getting to know each other again, but again – shorter length dictates that. It’s not a dealbreaker for me, like it would be if they were total strangers moving so quickly.

Overall, this was a very good, engaging read.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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