Watching Glass Shatter by James J Cudney

61Fplag25QL._SY346_I was quite intrigued by the premise of this book.

From the description:

Olivia learns that she gave birth to a baby who later died in the nursery. Instead of telling his wife what happened, Ben switched the child with another. And as if that’s not enough, Ben’s will doesn’t reveal which of their five sons is truly not hers.

This was something new and different!

Olivia and Ben were a happily married couple in their sixties, and had been married 40 years. Ben was nearing retirement, and they were making plans for travel and relaxation. All five sons are grown, with the youngest being in medical school preparing to become a doctor. The oldest works at the family law firm, having been groomed to take his father’s place upon his retirement. Another brother works there also, handling the financial side of the business. One son is an architect and has moved to Maine, and another is portrayed as the black sheep of the family, when in reality he has been sober for several years and is hiding a successful DJ career from his family.

When Ben dies unexpectedly, Olivia is shattered. Then after the reading of the will, the lawyer gives her two letters from Ben, one for herself and one to give one of their sons. In this letter he tells Olivia what happened long ago, and the name of the woman who switched babies with him willingly. He does not, however, tell which son was switched, and she must first speak to the birth mother for answers.

While she is waiting for the lawyer to track down the other woman, Olivia decides to spend a week with each of her sons, to enjoy the time with them before knowing which wasn’t really her son. Even though she is still mourning her beloved husband and processing the anger she feels at his betrayal, she learns that her perfect family isn’t so perfect, and each of her sons is hiding his own secret. Olivia realizes her family is broken in many ways, and they need to heal each other.

At last, the birth mother is located and Olivia learns what really happened that day, and which of the sons was switched. She ultimately has to decide whether or not to tell her sons what happened, and how that will affect their fragile bonds.


This is not a light, easy read. It’s captivating and engrossing, but not easy at all. This family is being attacked by life on all sides – not only by the death of Ben, but mother and sons all have their own demons to face. Some are reconcilable, but not all. In the end, however, this is a story about the strength of family bonds.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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