Snapshot by Reegan Ellis

Snapshot is a story about famous actor Owen, who is in a small Washington town on 51LBTgUL7JL._SY346_location, filming his next movie. He recently had his heart broken in a public way, finding out not only that his boyfriend was cheating on him – Owen was actually the Other Guy. His boyfriend had been in a three year relationship. Not only did he have his heart broken, but the ex sold his version of the story, complete with pictures and private messages, to the tabloids. This was also how Owen was outed to the public.

Heartbroken, he began work on his next film, where he was struggling. Visiting the town to clear his head after a hard day of filming, he is hiding from a group of teenage fans in a bakery, where he meets James, a rude, cranky baker that Owen can’t seem to stop smiling about. They go out a few times and really enjoy spending time together, but James wants nothing to do with fame and paparazzi, and Owen is leaving town when filming is complete.

What I liked: Owen and James, both on their own and as a couple. Owen’s sister Rebecca was fun, the little we got to know her. I liked the story, how Owen and James came to be and how it ended with James getting to experience a normal loving family.

What I didn’t like: This is tough to explain. I don’t like when books drag out the drama and make it into something more than it should be. But on the other hand, when something huge happens, I don’t like when it’s just brushed aside and forgotten instantly. The resolution/conclusion of the story felt rushed and forced to me. I do feel like the same outcome would have happened in the end anyway, but the hurt party would need more than a couple hours of alone time and a five minute conversation with the perceived offender to get over it completely.

All in all, this was a fun, light read. Not the best ever but not bad.

Rating: ♥♥♥

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