Lies That Bind Us by Andrew Hart

51SLlJ5SWOLI loved this book.

Jan is traveling to Crete for a 5 year reunion vacation with friends she and her boyfriend, now ex boyfriend, met when they last vacationed there. The location, the villa, the companions are idyllic. Until they’re not.

Jan wakes up a prisoner, with her captor demanding to know what happened. Unfortunately for her, Jan has no idea what her captor is talking about. The story fluctuates from the present captivity, to the events of the vacation, and of the original vacation five years ago. The problem? Jan is an unreliable narrative. She tells us multiple times that she is a compulsive liar and many times she will correct herself in her narrative, at times long after the original statement. We as readers are kept off guard, not knowing if we can trust what we are reading.

In all, this was a very engaging and entertaining read. Usually I can predict “whodunnit” early in a book, but not this time. However, once the perpetrator is revealed, all the clues I’d overlooked snapped into place and I had an “of course!” moment.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Find it here


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